From this page you can download different ontimize modules for free: MOBILE, DESKTOP and SERVER. You can download the modules individually as needed. In order to create corporate applications, both for mobile devices and desktop, all modules must be downloaded.

In addition, ontimize´s subscription program gives users access to specific tools for development assistance, additional documentation, user cases, sample code and technical support. If you want to purchase the ontimize subscription program, please contact us.

ontimize DESKTOP and ontimize SERVER


You can start developing applications with ontimize in any IDE that supports development in Java (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ, etc), although it is advisable to start by using Eclipse.

On the next page you can find a step by step guide to create your first application with ontimize DESKTOP.

Getting Started with ontimize


ontimize MOBILE


In order to start developing cross-platform applications for browser and mobile devices with ontimize MOBILE, you must download and install Node.js, version v0.10.16 or higher.

Once installed, run the following commands to connect to the repository Ontimize MOBILE:

> npm set registry

>npm set always-auth true

> npm set ca null

> npm login

For gaining access, use public/public as credentials.

Having gained access, you can install the command line line of ontimize MOBILE and create your first application (the basic structure).

> npm install -g ontimize-mobile

> ontimize-mobile create com.mycompany.mypackage HelloWorld "This is my first App!"

You can find detailed guidance for the installation process and examples of development with ontimize MOBILE apps on the technical documentation page.