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Ontimize WEB makes it easy to create business applications for Internet browsers and mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets), with a web client based on Angular 2.

The development of applications for mobile devices using web technologies is a challenge for developers, since the expectations of users used to working with native applications are not easy to replicate by means of technologies originally intended for desktop applications. In this sense, Angular 2 is a considerable step forward because it facilitates the development of single-page applications using the concept of web components promulgated by the HTML5 standard. Furthermore, the importance of it being a technology developed by Google must be highlighted, as this gives users an additional major trust as far as maintenance and evolution are concerned.

Many developers work directly with this framework, as it gives them a lot of freedom to create and modify their applications; however, working at that level of detail still requires a lot of programming. The main advantage of Ontimize Web is that in addition to being based on Angular 2, it uses its architecture and the most popular components in business applications, which are ready to be used with a simple parameterization. This saves a lot of time and effort, eliminates possible errors and makes usability of applications easier. In addition, developers are not limited in their creative capacity, since only the most repetitive part of software development is automated, always having the option to integrate any component of Angular 2 or modify them at will, because Ontimize is open-source.

On the other hand, it does not present the limitations existing in other frameworks only intended for the development of mobile applications, since in addition to the components, Ontimize Web automates the communication on the backend side, especially for those applications that use Ontimize Server, as well as important aspects such as security or permission management.

The following are some of the functionalities that Ontimize Web allows to incorporate in an automatic and standardized way:

  • Authentication/authorization
  • Permission system
  • Preference system
  • Advanced Grid Component (table) with the following functionalities:
    • Paging
    • Excel Export , pdf
    • Drill-down
    • Editable
    • Column setup
    • Search
    • Grouping
    • Customizable columns

More details on the technical characteristics of Ontimize Web are available on its GitHub site

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