ontimize SERVER


Server technologies

ontimize SERVER provides a basis infrastructure that allows quick creation corporate applications. By being based on the Java EE platform and the Spring framework it allows you to create robust and scalable applications ideal for the demands of enterprise applications.

But in addition to a basis architecture for development, ontimize provides a layer of logic and functionality in order to automate many of the routine tasks of development. Following the same declarative focus present throughout the ontimize platform, this logic and functionality is defined and parameterized in XML, such as user roles and permissions.

So, ontimize SERVER provides, among others, the following functionalities without having to program:

  • Manipulation of data (consult, insert, update, delete, advanced consulting, etc)
  • Paging that supports multiple databases (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc)
  • Management of user preferences (reports, information and graphics defined by the user, specific application preferences, etc)
  • Authentication and authorization, based on definitions in XML.
  • Modification of user permissions in runtime, which allows you to change the permissions and roles without the necessity for changing the code or new deployments.
  • Report Server engine integrated with Jasper Reports.
  • Document repository integrated for document storage.
  • Integration with document management via CMIS.
  • Declarative business logic by ontimize LOGIC.
  • Process logic by ontimize FLOW.


ontimize SERVER features

For the developer, ontimize SERVER provides a set of features that allow for increased productivity in development. Additionally, developers can, with the help of Java:

  • Implement specific business logic.
  • Integrate with other systems.
  • Integrate new modules and server components.
  • and much more...