ontimize MOBILE


Mobile client

ontimize MOBILE is a module that facilitates the creation of applications for mobile devices and browser.

The demand for companies and governments to provide information systems that can be accessed from mobile devices and provide a good user experience is increasing. This is even the case for highly complex applications that handle large volumes of data.

This module provides an architecture, a set of components and tools in order to increase productivity when developing applications for mobile devices. This module is supported by ontimize SERVER, enabling corporate management to create applications with minimal effort and with all the capabilities provided by this module.

ontimize MOBILE is specially optimized for creating user interfaces corporate management applications for mobile devices, reducing the development effort required by providing a set of general functions without the need to program. Additionally, applications created with this module can be run in a browser, which means you do not need to create a new user interface in order to access it.

ontimize MOBILE is based on HTML5/JS/CSS3 and on the framework Apache Cordova. This makes it possible to create applications with the following characteristics:

  • Multi-platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Windos Phone, Blackberry, etc)
  • Hybrid applications: by being based on Apache Cordova, the ontimize MOBILE applications can be packaged as native apps and published in the relevant markets. In addition, Cordova API allows the usage of the native functionalities of the phone, such as GPS, camera, accelerometer, contacts, etc.
  • Architecture of SPA (Single Page Application): the user interface and the interaction and navigation logic run on the client. Al HTML, Javascript and CSS resources are obtained dynamically in response to user actions which removes unnecessary page reloads. This provides a smooth user experience and providing an experience more similar to that of a native application or a desktop application.
  • Responsive Design: the screens are automatically adjusted according to the characteristics of the device using CSS3 definitions.


ontimize MOBILE features

  1. Declarative approach

    ontimize MOBILE, just like ontimize DESKTOP, follows a declarative approach. Instead of creating code to define applications, screens and basic logic, it is all defined in XML. This provides the following advantages:

    • Increased productivity in development.
    • The XML definitions become reusable software assets.
    • It provides graphical tools for creating the definitions of screens and other resources.
  2. Based on HTML5/JS/CSS3

    ontimize MOBILE is based on HTML5/JS/CSS3 which allows you to create applications with the following characteristics:

    • Multi-platform: Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, etc.
    • MVC architecture: the model is composed of data processing services, the view of displays and components and the controller implements the presentation logic which can be declared in XML or by programming in Javascript.
    • Based on components: so that the applications are consistent across different platforms and devices. Adding new components is very fast and simple.
    • Hybrid architecture: with ontimize MOBILE being based on Apache Cordova, applications created with it are multi-platform while allowing access to the characteristics and specific features of each device as if they were native applications (GPS, contacts, calendar, camera, etc).