ontimize FLOW


Business process

This module includes components and functionalities typically required for developing business applications based on processes. Such applications are governed by the paradigm of "workflow" and its primary function is to coordinate the sequential or concurrent execution of tasks by the users and/or other automated processes (services, machines, etc).

When an activity requires user interaction, it is usually realized by a graphical user interface, which typically consists of a form. Many workflow systems allow a simple asociation of every process with a data model and provide a basic form for the capture of the data. ontimize FLOW does not have any limit for the complexity of the data model, the business logic or the user interface.

In addition, ontimize FLOW includes components related to the advanced management of documents and other contents (ECM: Enterprise Content Management).


ontimize FLOW features

  1. Graphic modeling process
    • Graphic and declarative representation based on standards (BPMN, XPDL).
    • Ease of use: drag & drop, copy & paste, automatic distribution, connectors, etc.
    • Selection of the activities involved in the process from a catalog.
    • Advanced modeling elements: sequence, branching, concurrence, synchronization, sub-processes, loops, events, timing, etc. 
  2. Process engine
    • Scalable and fast (valid for industrial applications).
    • Version management processes.
    • Flexible execution of activities (execution in another order, backward, etc).
    • Integration with ontimize LOGIC (logic of decisions and events).
    • Management of deadlines and exceptions.
  3. Other features
    • Graphical display of process status: possibility to graphically display the status of a process and the associated data as well as access the forms of activities that can be performed by the user, invoking them from the chart.
    • List of processes: a table that shows the processes that can be accessed by a user or user group. 
    • List of activities: a table that shows the activities assigned to a particular user or group of users.