To perform a quick demonstration of the qualities of ontimize, it offers users a set of sample applications created for this platform. These applications are intended to show the basic functionality that can be obtained by using ontimize without programming..

ontimize DESKTOP and ontimize SERVER

ontimize MOBILE

ontimize desktop ›› Click to access the demo      (user: demo, password: demouser)

An example of very basic management application created with ontimize DESKTOP and ontimize SERVER without programming code shown. Create and manage customers, offices, accounts...

This simple management application created with ontimize MOBILE is a basic customer management CRM (Customer Relationship Management), for browser and mobile devices.

Run this demonstration requires the Java Virtual Machine. Make sure you have installed the Java version recommended for your operating system

›› Download Java

The following video guides for users of this demo:

You can download the application source code in an Eclipse project, you can import and modify to test and evaluate the benefits of using ontimize MOBILE.

You can also find all components included in ontimize MOBILE as well as other examples of use, in the following elink.