The rapid pace of change in IT has seen an explosion of new technologies and deployment options. This is particularly true for those IT applications that involve client-side processing for the user interface that interacts with web browsers. Presentation logic on the desktop or mobile device is now expected to supply a very rich visual as well as functional user experience.

To enable software engineers to supply the sort of rich functionality, quality, adaptability and high levels of productivity that have previously been unattainable Ontimize has been constructed – to take responsibility for orchestrating the development process and to automate as much as is sensible of that process to eliminate repeated and laborious tasks. Ontimize achieves this without constraining the developer’s freedom for implementing necessary custom logic, whilst remaining totally standards-based and easily incorporated into existing environments.
Although completely Standard and Open (JAVA and XML), Ontimize:
• Offers extremely high productivity without sacrificing quality for most business applications
• Includes advanced components extending its suitability for a very wide range of more complex application scenarios such as Workflow, Document Management, Telephony, GIS, Mobile devices etc.
• Supports modern Agile Development techniques
• Is also suitable for providing a customizable framework for creating repeatable solutions for particular horizontal or vertical markets

Ontimize then is a component-based high level declarative framework for developing rich internet enterprise applications.


Ontimize is offered either as an open source environment for creating non-proprietary applications, or as a commercial license for partners and customers that wish to create their own proprietary solutions.